Putting the finishing touches on any event is what takes any party to the next level. It’s what can set a good business apart from a great business. The difference is always in the details which elevates the professionals from the rest.

We want to share 5 ways to put the “finishing touches” on your bar set up for your next party.


  1. Be Prepared

Being prepared with bar essentials is step ONE to a seamless event and it’s critical to looking very well put together.

One way Lavish Alcohol stays prepared is by using a packing list to be sure to not forget anything or any detail we may need or use before, during and after an event. This can be anything from beverage napkins to drink signage and even a knife and cutting board for fruit garnishes along with everything in between.

Staying prepared will save time, stress and give that polished look.


  1. Offer a Signature Cocktail

Offering guests a signature cocktail that is representative of the function or theme of the event is quite a nice touch to any party. It’s a fun way for your guests to get involved and have a bit of fun getting into the spirit.

A catchy cocktail name, a drink with a backstory or even a mixed spirit that compliments the type of party shows attention to detail and thoughtfulness of the event’s entirety, you know, down to the last cocktail…literally.


  1. Drink Garnishes

Tying the presentation of a classic cocktail, fancy signature drink or even a crafted mixer, the garnishes are what complete the look and taste.

Just think, you’re holding a drink walking around at a party with a beautiful mint leaf and lime pin-wheel wedge on the corner of your class. The smell of the beverage is amazing and the look is outstanding and classy. It’s either you or the drink turning heads.

One thing is for sure, the bar will be backed up with people pointing, I’ll have what she’s having. Who wouldn’t want to try it!


  1. Appealing Bar Set-up

Just as important as the look of the drink, the entire bar set up should look polished as well. This goes all the way from the tablecloth on the bar top housing appropriate (not cluttered) display items, an area to make and serve the drinks as well as working space for the bartender.

An inviting bar with a candle or a smiling staff member pouring drinks will stretch miles in completing the look.


  1. Knowledgeable Staff

Team members who are knowledgeable and conversational with guests will really put the icing on the cake so to speak. Employing staff that is excited about what they do for a living and educated on drink recipes helps any catered bar event feel effortless.

Don’t skimp on quality employees/hires.

Feel confident at your next event knowing that your bar set up is flawless, the Lavish way. Contact us to speak with a consultant and booking details. We look forward to working with you.

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