Gluten-Free Spirit Guide, Because You Deserve To Party Too!


Gluten intolerances and celiac disease are much more recognized and accommodated to in today’s society and for that…THANK GOODNESS!


What a blessing it is to now, not have to deal with excruciating pain just to enjoy food or drink like everyone else.


We are here to unveil your celiac-safe alcohol (spirit) drinking options; because, despite your body’s intolerance, you deserve to party too!


Many spirits are not gluten-free, but there is a great deal that are.  Here is our certified gluten-free spirit guide.


Gluten-Free Vodka

Maybe, juuuust maybe, this is the world’s most popular spirit, however, many are made with gluten.


I see your frown…Stop it!


Here is the line-up of some amazing vodkas that are certified gluten-free and you know what? They can battle up against the big boys.


Titos     *     Deep Eddy     *     Chopin     *     Cold River

Chopin Gluten-Free Vodka
Chopin Gluten-Free Vodka



Gluten-Free Rum

Rum is an exciting spirit for those with gluten intolerances because most rum is distilled from sugar cane. Do beware of some pre-mixed rums may not be safe due to other additives. You are better off with strait rum. Here are some top ranked brands of gluten-free rum (there are so many more too).


Bacardi     *     Captain Morgan     *     Malibu      *     Cruzan     *     Mount Gay     *      Meyer’s


Gluten-Free Rum
Gluten-Free Rum


Gluten-Free Gin

Most gins are made with gluten containing grains. The one brand we recommend with high marks is:


Cold River Gin 


Gluten-Free Tequila

(Instrumental) “Dun – Dun-na-na-na -Na-Na

Dun- Dun-na-na-na NAH”


“TEQUILA” -The Champs


Those song lyrics should be the theme song to celiac-safe booze, because…tequila is distilled from the agave cactus which means its 100% safe and all tequila (make sure it’s not a pre-mixture) is a GO!


The tequila list could go on for miles, but here are some of our go-to’s.


Patron     *     Don Julio     *     Hornitos     *     Cazadores     *     1800     *     Herradura

Gluten-Free Whiskey


Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey…this spirit is quite the risky one. Most whiskeys are distilled from grains and that’s what makes them taste so fantastic and whiskey-yyyy.


Don’t hang your head just yet though. We’ve found a couple brands worth a try for those of your that love your night-cap whiskey-style.


Queen Jennie Whiskey – made from sorghum     *     Gold Spur Corn Whiskey – made from corn, millet and oats


Gluten-Free Whiskey
Queen Jennie Whiskey: Gluten-Free Spirit Guide

Gluten-Free Spirits


For the record, we should note that through the distillation processes, spirit makers assert that there are not traces of gluten in the end product unless gluten is added after distillation (rare).


The United States prohibits beverages that use grains at ANY point to claim any gluten-free certification unless it’s certain that no gluten ingredients have been used at any point in the manufacturing process.


The above listed gluten-free spirit guide is certified and 100% safe for Celiac consumption.

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