5 Fall Beers to Try in 2019

Fall, it’s that time of year when the air crisps up, leaves crunch beneath your feet and beer gives you a hug from the inside!

Seasonal beers are always fun to taste each time breweries roll them out. While only around for a limited time frame, you best get to your sippin’ because before you blink, winter will be next.


Out of all of the seasonal beer offerings, we would say with confidence that Fall beer flavors are probably the most anticipated.


There is something somewhat nostalgic about them. Maybe it’s because the spices and flavors remind you of home cooking and loads of family around the holidays, or maybe it’s the fuller bodied satiating mouth feel packed full of warming flavors that get-cha.


Whatever it is, let’s cut to the chase and divulge 5 Fall Beers to Try in 2019. (No particular order).


1.Harpoon Flannel Friday – by: Harpoon Brewery

Fall beer 2019 Best of
Harpoon Flannel Friday
Photo by: Nextpint

This amber ale from beginning to end gives you all the “feel-good” vibes that a fall beer should. I mean, c’mon, the can is decked in argyle print and a puppy. WHO DOESN’T LOVE PUPPIES?


At 5.7% ABV, this fall beer is an easy drinker equipped with bright hoppy aromas paired with a strong malt backbone. Beeradvocate rates this fall favorite at a score of 85!


This medium bodied beer goes great with your Thanksgiving dinner, or heck, any dinner and compliments meals with hints of citrus and pine.


All together now…”Ahhhhh” (after sipping sound).


2. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest – by: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest -best fall beer
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 2019

Who says you have to head overseas to Germany for an authentic Oktoberfest celebration?


Sierra Nevada has brewed a striking Oktoberfest concoction so your staycation can still party authentically. With caramelized malts, secret hops and a lager yeast, Beeradvocate rates this brew a whopping score of 87.


This pallet pleaser is a 6%-er on the ABV scale, so go ahead, have two…or three…or…you know where to go from here.


3. Autumn Maple – by: The Bruery

Autumn Maple
Autumn Maple
Photo by: Food Loves Beer Magazine

Nice “t-YAM-meet-cha” Autumn Maple Beer, what makes you so delicious?


Perhaps you thought there was an accent in this text or maybe you figured it out.


You guess it (or probably not) The Bruery made this beer with 17lbs of YAMS and managed to hit a 10% ABV in the meantime.


Say Whaaaat?


That’s right, a whole spud-load of these holiday suckers were brewed right into this spiced beer which give it the perfect inner hug you were hoping for.


Look out for flavors of cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, molasses, maple syrup and nutmeg; you know, all of the warming spices you may make a pie with.


Beeradvocate rates this fall number with a score of 86!


4. Sam Adams Octoberfest – by: Sam Adams Brewing

Sam Adams Octoberfest
Sam Adams Octoberfest
Photo by: Mike on Flickr

Does any beer made from Sam Adams Brewing fail? Nope, pretty sure not.


Their Octoberfest season 5.3% ABV, Boston Proud cold-one will be a staple amongst many Americans’ ice chest this fall. Why you ask?


Perhaps it’s because the blended hearty malts that offer a deep and smooth caramel roasted flavor. That’s just our guess though.


Beeradvocate pins this at a score of 83.


5. Evil Dead Red – by: Alesmith Brewing Company

Evil Dead Red
Evil Dead Red

Perhaps this red ale’s name scares you off, or maybe, just maybe you’re intrigued. We are here to tell you, let your intrigued gut instincts take over and pop this top!


This 6.6% ABV, 90 beeradvocate scoring cheers-er will have you coming back for more. It’s deep blood-red in color will spark your taste buds into recognizing a piney citrus note with a balanced sweetness and rich bready flavors.


This is one smooth brew.


Our list of fall beers could go on and on, but then that would mean you’d be reading for days. We’ll let you get back to work (slacker) and keep you daydreaming about the happy hour you’re about to enjoy today.


Cheers to Fall!

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