How to Cure a Hangover


Hmm, looks like you drank too much again. I thought you said you were NEVER going to drink again after the last time.


HAH, oopsy. We totally get it. It happens and most likely this won’t be the last time.


Right now, your head is pounding, perhaps a bit of nausea has set in and your anxiety is at a 9 out of 10.


You’re in luck, we have a few remedies on how to cure your hangover and a bonus tip too…how to avoid one in the first place; after-all we are The Pros!


How to Cure a Hangover


Say YES to Late Night Munchies or a Hearty Breakfast

How to Cure a Hangover
Drunk Munchies
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Those late night “drunk munchies” are an actual thing. Your body was craving food for a reason, so oblige why don’t you.


Some symptoms of hangovers such as headache or weakness are due to low blood sugar levels, so munch on!


*Note: Healthy and nutritious options packed with clean proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and loads of nutrients are the best idea.


Medicine for the Win!

Put that pride aside and slug your way over to the kitchen, pour a glass of water and head to the bathroom’s medicine cabinet.


Anti-inflammatories are a great way to help headaches subside. Aspirin and ibuprofen are typically a cabinet staple, so choose your magic.


Oh yes, here is a tip…skip the Tylenol.


Why you ask?


The active ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen, needs the liver to work double time in order for it to do its job but whereas your liver is already breaking down the alcohol, you could cause yourself some damage, so just don’t.


Drinky-Drinky…uhhh WATER or Coffee/Tea

Ever notice how alcohol opens the golden flood gates? The bathroom begins to know you all too well on an evening of cheers-ing.


This is because alcohol is a diuretic and increases the chances of dehydration. The body passes a great deal of fluids and electrolytes through urine and you already know the porcelain thrown has seen you probably a good 30 times last night. Oye vey!


Hydrate with Water

How to cure a hangover: drink water
Hydrate with H20!

*Hydrate by drinking a good amount of water before going out.

*Drink water in between alcoholic drinks to replenish your H20.

*Be sure to drink water before you pass-out fall asleep.


Ooohh That Cup O’ Joe or Tea

Caffeinated drinks act as stimulants which help with fatigue and headaches.


The antioxidants in caffeinated teas (green or black) are like little ninjas that karate chop adverse effects of drinking too much.


B Vitamins to the Rescue

Why B Vitamins?


Supporting energy levels and raising the metabolism, B vitamins reduce feelings of fatigue and improve cognitive health.


Say bye-bye to the foggy morning after brain and droopy stay in bed all day feeling.


Bonus Tip(s)

That bonus tip on how to avoid a hangover all together is what your here for, right? Besides the obvious…don’t drink, here are a few additions:

  • Eat a good hearty meal before going out.
  • Drink plenty of water before putting on your drinking shoes, and don’t forget, drink water in-between drinks.
  • Stick with light liquors. Dark liquors have congeners which worsen hangovers.
  • Get plenty of sleep.


You are well on your way to a completely hangover free day. All you have to say now is “thank you.”

Written By: Michelle Fecteau

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How to Cure a Hangover


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