The Moscow mule, Summer’s favorite cocktail is an alcoholic beverage said to have been crafted in 1941 in America. This drink has been adored for decades and was originally designed to be enjoyed out of a copper mug.

Why a copper mug you ask?

The copper mug is said to keep the drink colder for longer as well as enhance the flavor and aroma.

The Moscow mule was created by a Russian woman, a pub owner and an alcohol spirit owner. Sophie Berezinski immigrated from Russia to the USA with her copper mugs to sell. She walked into a bar named Cock n’ Bull (also a brand of ginger beer) in New York and worked with the owner, Jack Morgan and regular bar patron John Martin (owner of Smirnoff vodka) to create a cocktail America would love. The Moscow mule!

Moscow Mule Summers favorite drink
Moscow Mule
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Drink Recipe

Begin with your ice-cold copper mug or just simply a cocktail glass.

Ingredients:Moscow Mule Ingredients

  • Ice
  • 1 ½ oz. vodka of choice
  • 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 4 oz. ginger beer
  • 1 lime wedge


  1. Fill the drinking glass with ice.
  2. Add the vodka to the glass
  3. Squeeze ½ oz of fresh lime juice or approximately ½ lime on top of the vodka.
  4. Top the mixture with your favorite ginger beer brand.
  5. Garnish with a lime wedge
  6. Cheers!


Let’s Add – A simple additive to this cocktail is fresh mint leaves. The fresh and aromatic flavor lifts the Moscow mule and adds a new refreshing dimension.

Get Fruity – Ginger, the flavor built for pairing. This drink can also be complemented by adding some fresh fruit or a splash of natural fruit juice. Here are some flavors that hold ginger’s hand really well.

Orange, Pineapple, Peach, and Berries

Switch It Up – Not feeling like vodka is the right choice? Switch your spirit. Mules can be made with rum, whiskey, tequila, cognac, and gin.

Food Pairing

The thing about ginger is…well…it’s so versatile and it tastes great with nearly everything. Chefs adore this root and its flavor profile because of that fact. It can enhance any food and taste profile.

Encouraged Pairings:

Asian – Asian flavors and foods go great with the Moscow mule. Dishes that include peanuts and other nuts play off the spiciness the ginger in the drink offers.

Seafood – Seafood, especially white or lighter flavored fish options are a fantastic pair with this crafted cocktail.
This refreshing drink is great with finger foods or white fish.

Avoid Pairing:

X – Red and cured meats are typically not recommended to be enjoyed with traditional Moscow mules.

This summer cocktail is refreshing enough to sip by the pool and thirst-quenching enough to enjoy at any party. Whether you make the classic Moscow mule or any variation thereof, this staple won’t let you down.

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