Responsible Drinking Tips for your “Let Your Hair Down” Kind of Evening

You’re getting ready for a night out. It’s been such a long time and you totally deserve to let loose a bit, heck, those 60 hour work weeks have caught up to you and it’s time for a “let your hair down” kind of evening.

Everyone is meeting at the local pub with no outlined plan, but rather, “we’ll see where the night takes us” mentality.

This could likely mean an evening of bar hopping, shots, loads of catching up and who ever knows what other craziness may ensue.

Regardless of what and where you’re going or headed into this evening, it’s really important to practice responsible drinking.

Responsible Drinking
Shoot Smarter – Responsible Drinking Tips

What is Responsible Drinking?

Responsible drinking is simple, it’s about keeping yourself safe and those around you. It also means avoiding dangerous situations all the while, having a great time.

Here are 5 simple responsible drinking tips for your night out!


Tip 1. Always Watch Your Drink

Watch Your Drink - Responsible Drinking
Always Watch Your Drink

This goes for men and women alike. Pay attention to your drink and never leave it unattended. This also means, don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know in which you didn’t see the bartender make.

The potential for someone to slip something in your drink raises when you aren’t paying attention to your glass, so be sure to keep an eye on your beverage.

Tip 2. Know Your Limit

too much to drink
Too Much To Drink

I’m sure this time out isn’t your first rodeo. Knowing your limit on how many drinks you can have before it’s one too many is important.

We have ALL crossed that fine line because “what’s one more” but knowing your limit and sticking to it will save you feeling so ill the next day, getting sick in the minutes following or even avoid acting foolish (if that’s your M.O).

Tip 3. Water isn’t A Four-Letter Word, You Know

Water = NOT a Four Letter Word

Just so you know, drinking water in between drinks doesn’t make you a sissy, it doesn’t make you any less capable of having a great time either. It actually is one smart thing to do.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the body, so why not replenish your fluids (saving you a terrible hangover). It also helps pace and space your drinks out.

H20 is your friend, not enemy…trust.

Tip 4. Eat Some Food

eat for responsible drinking
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Eating food while drinking is genius! De-bunking the myth of eating carbohydrates to soak up the alcohol, enjoying protein-dense foods are actually the way to go. Why?

Eating foods high in protein help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the circulatory system. So go ahead and nosh that good stuff.

Tip 5. Uber and Lyft, Duh!

Never drink and drive. Period, end.

Ride Share
Uber Ride Share

If you know that you will be enjoying more than the legal driving limit allows, tuck those keys away and download your favorite ride sharing application like Uber or Lyft. Better yet, use a designated driver amongst your group of friends (cheaper that way).

Above all, use your common sense. Making smart choices and choosing responsible drinking habits and decisions throughout your evening will keep a fun  and safe evening.

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