How exciting, you’re hosting a Super Bowl party at your house. Okay…now comes the menu planning. Whatever you do, don’t forget about the beer, because let’s be honest, what’s Football without a cold one? Come to think of it, what is ANY sport without a brew?


We will review some amazing Super Bowl Party Beer Ideas along with a basic guide on how to set up a drink station.


Beer Me Up Scotty!

Sports and beer are like peas and carrots, they go hand-in-hand, which makes it important to offer a couple different types of brews to appease your guests.


A great starting note is to determine what most of your guests typically enjoy for beer and incorporate one or two of those selections into your offerings. If you have NO idea, here are some smart options.


Light Beer

Light Beer
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A safe bet is to always keep a “light” beer or pilsner on hand. You know, those beers that people can drink a few of and not fall asleep or wobble around after two. Some great options for a light beer would be:

  • Bud Light
  • Coors Light
  • Miller Light
  • Michelob Ultra


Lager or Lighter (ABV) Ale

Beer Ideas for Party
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Scratching the itch of the drinker who isn’t ready for the fullness of craft brews and is not at all interested in light beers; a crisp flavorful lager or an ale with a bit of umph might just do the trick.


Beers such as:

  • Budweiser
  • Newcastle Brown
  • Heineken
  • Mexican Beers (Corona, Modelo, Dos Equis, Tecate, Pacifico)
  • Blue Moon
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager
  • Yeungling
  • Stella


Feeling Crafty?

superbowl party beer ideas: craft beers
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Craft brews are taking the nation by storm. They are so flavorful, fun, and exciting! The alcohol by volume (ABV) can range significantly, so drink wisely.


Some really popular selections your guests may enjoy may include:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Founders All Day IPA
  • Bells Two Hearted Ale
  • Goose Island Varieties (Honker’s Ale, IPA, Seasonal, Etc.)
  • Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’


Drink Station

You can get as casual or as fancy as you’d like here in this area of your party.


Hire a Professional Company/Bartender

If you are entertaining a massive amount of people, it’s wise to consider hiring a bartender and/or even an alcohol catering company to make this drink station safe, easy and legal.


For more information on hiring a company or contract a bartender, click here, Lavish Alcohol Catering would be honored to celebrate with you and your guests.


Set up a Make-Shift Bar

Encourage your guests to serve themselves by providing a designated area featuring the available beers held cold, complete with cups, bottle openers, koozies and beer identification bands so there is no guessing who’s beer is who’s.


Decorate the drink station with a fun table cloth, party decorations and whatever else you’d like.


The Beer Fridge/ Cooler

Beer cooler: Superbowl Party Beer Ideas
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If you’ve decided to place all the beer into a refrigerator or cooler kept in-door our out, here are some suggestions for organization if you are providing more than one kind of brew.


The refrigerator is an easy option to see the selections you have on hand so, go ahead and place each kind of beer on its own shelf right in the fridge at least 4-6 hours before the party to be sure it’s cold enough.

Deciding to go for the cooler with ice option? That’s a fine choice too. The only issue here is that it’s hard to tell which beer is where when all of the ice is covering it. Don’t worry, just add a handy-dandy label (handwritten or by use of that label maker in the back of your closet) on the lip of the cooler in the section where all of the Bud Lights are kept and same thing for the other beer.


Party On

We hope these Super Bowl Party Beer Ideas were helpful and aid you in your deciding factors. Whatever beer you choose to offer your guest or whichever bar set up option you determine is best for your group, just enjoy!


This is another day’s pass to eat lots of food, spend time with friends/family and drink a little too much.


Written By: Michelle Fecteau

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Super Bowl Party Beer Ideas

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