Next up, the LOVE Holiday! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and your significant other is all about his/her wine.


But you…you aren’t sure the first thing about wine. There are so many wines on the market and when faced with hundreds of options at the liquor store; it’s far too overwhelming.


No worries, that’s where we come in with our Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide!


We have outlined three different categories of wine options so that you can determine which route is best for your Valentine.


Best Wines for the Buck    Most Romantic Wine Names    Sexiest Wine Bottles


Best Wines for the Buck

This section outlines five wines that are of amazing value; meaning, for the price point and the taste, it can’t GET any better!


Let’s explore the $15 and under world of best wines for the buck.


Columbia Crest 2017 Grand Estates Syrah ($12)

Hailing from Columbia Valley, WA, this red wine scores 87 points on Wine Enthusiast

Giesen 2017 Chardonnay ($15)

New Zealand… specifically Hawke’s Bay founded this wonderful chardonnay and ranked it a whopping 90 points!

Waterbrook 2017 Melange Founder’s Red ($13)

We are going red blend with this number from Columbia Valley, WA.  Sure to please, this 89 point red blend offers a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc blend to round it all out.

Hay Maker 2018 Sauvignon Blanc ($12)

Of course we head to New Zealand to offer you a fantastic valued Sauvignon Blanc with a rating of 89 points. Yum!

Domaine Houchart 2018 Rose ($15)

Our mouths are drooling with this Rose from Cotes de Provence, France. 90 points is what has been allocated to this valued wine.


Most Romantic Wine Names

Some wine names are so catchy and irresistible. These five wines featured below are no exception and fall right into the love category with cute-sy names to boot!

“Passion Has Red Lips” Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 by Some Young Punks

This wonderful full bodied red wine is vegan, sustainable and just fantastically tasty.

Chateau Julien French Kiss 2013

As a white blend, this French kiss is one that you will want justtttt a bit more of.

La Fleur Amour Merlot

Mmmm, what yells love louder than wine and a great French wine at that? We’re not sure it can be topped either.

Champagne Brut Amour De Deutz Vintange 2005

Bubbles…so sexy and so exceptional. Splurge a bit on this guy.

Mouton Noir Rose Love Drunk 2015

This love drunk black sheep Rose is fruit forward and will put you right in the mood, thanks Oregon.


Sexiest Wine Bottles

Most people shop with their eyes first, so that’s what we are here to offer, the sexiest bottles of wine.


Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose

Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose: Valentines Day Wine Gift Guide
Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Rose

Okay, this one may break the bank a bit at $300, but this bottle was an art collaboration between Perrier-Jouet and Emile Galle to create this gorgeous bottle design.

Cristal Champagne

Cristal Champagne: Valentines Day Wine Gift Guide
Cristal Champagne

Known as the ultimate table accessory, this bottle looks like the Ferrari of wine bottles…and it makes us drool just a little bit.

Spodee Wine

Spodee Wine: Valentine's Day Wine Gift Guide
Spodee Wine

Spodee wine gives a different take on sexy. Inspired by a 1950’s milk bottle, this little cutie brings nostalgia back and offers a little something different.

Lazarus Wine

Lazarus Wine: Valentines Day Wine Gift Guide
Lazarus Wine

Lazarus wine bottles are so striking because of their black and yellow contrasting colors, but also because of their brail that they’re printed in. Whhhaaatt?

Small Town Pinot Noir

Small Town Pinot Noir: Valentines Day Wine Gift Guide
Small Town Pinot Noir

Psychedelic meets floral; this pretty in patterned designed label will have your eyes dancing all over it.

Rest assured, on this Love Holiday you will no doubt score a home run with anyone of the above selections from our Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide.


Written By: Michelle Fecteau

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